Study addresses stigmatization of MAPs

Another study pointing out the stigma and discrimination faced by MAPs has been published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study was conducted by a group of German researchers who first published on the topic over a year ago in the International Journal of Sexual Health. While the report…...

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Prospective therapists’ attitudes about MAPs can be changed

A German team of researchers has found that even a short online program can change prospective therapists’ negative attitudes about MAPs. The researchers developed a 10-min online educational program that included a video about an MAP intended to reduce stigma and increase the willingness of therapists in training to work…...

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Research Article: Stigmatization of people with pedophilia

Just published in the International Journal of Sexual Health: “Stigmatization of People with Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research” The study refers to B4U-ACT’s surveys. Abstract: Stigmatization restricts people’s opportunities in life and has severe consequences on mental health and psychological well-being. This article focuses on stigmatization research on…...

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