Study addresses stigmatization of MAPs

Another study pointing out the stigma and discrimination faced by MAPs has been published in the journal¬†Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study was conducted by a group of German researchers who first published on the topic over a year ago in the International Journal of Sexual Health. While the report…...

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Prospective therapists’ attitudes about MAPs can be changed

A German team of researchers has found that even a short online program can change prospective therapists’ negative attitudes about MAPs. The researchers developed a 10-min online educational program that included a video about an MAP intended to reduce stigma and increase the willingness of therapists in training to work…...

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Research Article: Stigmatization of people with pedophilia

Just published in the International Journal of Sexual Health: “Stigmatization of People with Pedophilia: A Blind Spot in Stigma Research” The study refers to B4U-ACT’s surveys. Abstract: Stigmatization restricts people’s opportunities in life and has severe consequences on mental health and psychological well-being. This article focuses on stigmatization research on…...

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