Download Psychotherapy Guide.

Click the button above to download our guide Psychotherapy for Minor-Attracted Persons, which provides guidelines for therapy endorsed by B4U-ACT.

Therapists wishing to become signatories to the B4U-ACT treatment practices and join our list of available therapists should review our Principles and Perspectives of Practice, then submit their CV and a brief statement about how their practice and perspectives reflect the goals and principles fostered by B4U-ACT to to begin the signatory process. We encourage MAP clients to provide us with feedback about the therapists they have found through this list.

MAPs seeking a therapist on B4U-ACT’s signatory list can direct their inquiry to MAPs may also want to review our guidelines for choosing a therapist. Please note that B4U-ACT maintains this list as a starting point and that our assessment is limited to therapists’ own statements; you should judge for yourself whether therapist is right for your needs. It is important to ask questions and choose a therapist carefully, including inquiring about their credentials and licensing. If you are considering therapy by telephone, please read these guidelines from the American Psychological Association.  We also request that clients provide us with feedback about therapists they have found using our list.