Access to mental health services should not be denied due to one's attraction to minors or one's beliefs about those attractions.

As an alliance of therapists, researchers, and MAPs, B4U-ACT’s mission is to promote a science-informed understanding about people in our communities with an attraction to children or adolescents, and to support them living in truth and dignity.

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B4QR Volume 3, Issue 4 Out Now

The Autumn 2023 issue of the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review has just been released and is available here.…

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MAPs Wanted for Study on Stigma among Diverse Sexualities

B4U-ACT is supporting a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada,…

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Final Call for Participation: 3 Studies on MAPs and their Friends/Families

Participation is closing soon for three research studies which B4U-ACT is supporting, conducted by researchers at Nottingham…

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Dialog On Therapy

The “Dialog on Therapy” is a monthly discussion about meeting the mental health needs of MAPs, open to mental health professionals, MAPs, researchers, and others with a stake in this topic. Click to learn more or join the dialog.

Research Colloquium Series

The Research Colloquium Series is a monthly online event open to members of our Researcher Email Group. Led by Dr. Maggie Ingram, the series gives researchers an opportunity to present and follow ongoing research. Learn more and apply to join here.

Who are minor-attracted people and why might they need support?

Many minor-attracted people would like to receive mental health services but are afraid to seek them due to stigma and lack of trust. B4U-ACT aims to improve access to compassionate mental health care that addresses clients’ own stated needs, and combat misconceptions among professionals and the general public that perpetuate secrecy, stigma, and fear.

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