Latest News

  • MAPs wanted for study on barriers and facilitators in accessing professional support

    B4U-ACT is collaborating with researchers at the University of Houston-Victoria to support a study on experiences of accessing professional support among MAPs. Minor-attracted people who have never engaged in illegal sexual activities involving minors are invited to participate via an anonymous audio-only interview.

  • MAPs wanted for study on online social support forums

    B4U-ACT is collaborating with researchers investigating social support in online forums for minor-attracted people. If you are a MAP who meets the study requirements, please consider participating.

  • Announcing the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review (B4QR)

    This week, we were pleased to announce the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review (B4QR). Four times per year, B4QR will publish short critical summaries of new research concerning minor-attracted people.