Call for “Stories of Hope”

Submissions have re-opened for our “Stories of Hope” section on b4uact.org. If you’re someone who is attracted to children or adolescents and wish to share your story on our site, now is your opportunity.

In early 2012, B4U-ACT put out our first call for “Stories of Hope”: personal anecdotes from minor-attracted people about their lives and reasons for hope towards the future. Four stories were posted to the website, from MAPs with various ages, life circumstances, and genders and ages of attraction. The stories reflected varying life experiences, ranging from different hobbies, interests, and relationship statuses, to more difficult to discuss details such as mental health struggles and past criminal convictions.

Now, 12 years later, we’d like to update this section with new stories. The lived experiences of MAPs have changed along with other changes in society, and new resources and reasons for hope have emerged in this time.

If you’d like to submit your own story, please read the following guidelines, and submit using the Google form below, or by email to b4uact-stories-of-hope@protonmail.com.

If you submit via email, please include a first name you’d like associated with the story, and include the statement “I consent to B4U-ACT’s use of my story and pseudonym on its website.” Do not include any information that would trigger mandatory reporting, or that could be used to identify you.


  • By submitting your story, you agree that B4U-ACT may publish it on our website, alongside the first name you provide. (It is suggested to use a pseudonym)
  • We recommend including (non-identifying) details about your life and interests outside of your sexual/romantic attractions.
  • We ask that submissions be no more than ~1000 words.
  • B4U-ACT may contact you at the email address you provide to suggest edits after proofreading your story. We will not post an edited version of any story without permission.
  • Do not include any information that would trigger mandatory reporting.
  • Do not include any information that could be used to identify you.
  • We may not use all submissions. Our goal is to feature a small number of stories that a wide variety of people can relate to and find hope in. Your story is valuable, and we thank you for sharing it even if it does not end up on the website!