B4U-ACT Featured in Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

In a new article in Psychotherapy Networker magazine, author Chris Lyford writes about B4U-ACT and discusses mental health professionals who work with people attracted to children. Alexandra Roth, a longtime member of B4U-ACT’s referral list of therapists, and Russell Dick, B4U-ACT’s Chairperson and Co-Founder, provided interviews for the piece.


“A lot of people think the more you shame someone, the less likely that person is to do something wrong,” Roth explains, “but shame actually makes it harder for someone to make good choices.” Because most pedophiles struggle with loneliness, fear, self-hatred, and suicidal ideation as a result of their desires, she says, “therapy with them often has to do with addressing problems of identity and how they’ve been affected by stigma.” Many times, she says, the work doesn’t center around the client’s attraction to minors at all. “We’re focused on problems that might bring any other client to therapy, like depression or problematic relationships with parents or partners.”


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