MAPs Wanted for Study on Support and Stigma

B4U-ACT is supporting a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Paris-Saclay in Évry, France. The study aims to address stigmatization of people attracted to children, access to resources intended to provide support, and whether support received was from the private or public sector. The study is part of the masters dissertation of Vanina Guglielmi, under the review of dissertation supervisor Sébastien Petit.

Participation involves completing a 20–30 minute survey. The survey is offered as an English translation from the researcher’s original French, but may be made available in other languages if needed. Anyone who identifies as being attracted to minors is eligible to participate.

Interested potential participants may click the following link to participate or learn more:


The following announcement text was also provided by the researcher:

This is an anonymous survey which aims to provide statistical answers to certain questions concerning, for example, the number of people sexually attracted to minors who have had access to public or private aid, or the number of people attracted to minors who have been victims of stigmatization and the consequences thereof.

This survey is carried out as part of a masters dissertation at the University of Paris Saclay Evry Val-d’Essone. In order to participate in this survey, the only requirements are that you be MAP. The questionnaire is in English but if you do not speak the language and wish to participate, I will take note of it and possibly offer the questionnaire in the desired translation. The response time devoted to this survey depends on you but it is between 20 to 30 minutes.

Depending on the number of responses and the quality of the developments submitted, I could possibly carry out a comparative study between the different profiles. Finally, this survey will be available for several months until June. As I said, it’s anonymous and doesn’t contain Java script. To participate, click on the following link: https://starsky.limesurvey.net/118674?lang=en