Where Stigma Meets Isolation – Mental Health Support for MAPs during COVID-19

For context on how MAPs have been impacted during COVID-19, we reached out both to therapists in our referral program and to minor-attracted people in various online communities....

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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Read about how our therapist referral program has been affected by COVID-19, what it takes to be a mental health provider for MAPs, and recent news from our organization!...

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Introducing the B4U-ACT Newsletter

B4U-ACT is pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of our new newsletter. We hope this newsletter will keep readers informed about our projects and activities promoting objective research and compassionate therapeutic care that meets the needs of minor-attracted adolescents and adults. Our Summer 2020 issue includes an…...

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Interview with Crystal Mundy – Summer 2020

Ash spoke with Crystal Mundy, a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia, about her research on relationships, resiliency, and parenting intentions among MAPs....

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