If you’re a journalist working on a story related to people attracted to children or adolescents, you may be looking to speak to people with first-hand experience – real people who are attracted to minors, mental health professionals who know and work with them, and researchers with direct expertise studying this population.

B4U-ACT may be able to assist, whether that involves providing contacts for interviews, providing interviews from representatives of B4U-ACT ourselves, or working directly with you to present accurate information about minor-attracted people while meeting journalistic ethics standards and avoiding sensationalism or stereotypes.

We have previously provided interviews or statements for the following stories:

If you’re interested in presenting a humane, authentic, and research-informed portrayal of people attracted to minors, or learning about the work B4U-ACT does, please send media requests to b4uact@b4uact.org. Or, see other ways to contact us.