“Heart opening, ” “powerful,” and “courageous” are some of the words attendees have used to describe B4U-ACT’s workshops. Focused on mental health practice related to the needs of minor-attracted people (MAPs), they are traditionally held yearly and led cooperatively by MAPs and mental health professionals. Past attendees have consistently found them to be tremendously informative, helpful, and inspiring, and many have kept in touch with the friends they have made there, whether they be seasoned professionals, researchers, educators, new or future practitioners, or minor-attracted people. For an idea of the kinds of information presented and issues discussed, click on the workshop titles below to read their descriptions.

Compassionate and Informed Approaches for Supporting Minor-Attracted PeopleApril 13, 2019
Symposium: Expanding the Focus of Research on Minor-Attracted PeopleSeptember 22, 2018
Developing Best Practices for Working with Minor-Attracted PeopleApril 28, 2017
Mental Health for Minor-Attracted People: Keeping Wellness FirstApril 22, 2016
Working with Minor-Attracted Persons and their Families: Facing Dilemmas TogetherMarch 20, 2015
Workshop at NASW-MD Clinical Conference: Dialogue About & With Mental Health Professionals & Minor-Attracted PersonsSeptember 28, 2012
Shifting the Treatment Paradigm: Protecting Children and Meeting the Broader Needs of Minor-Attracted PersonsMarch 30, 2012
Symposium: Pedophilia, Minor-Attracted Persons, and the DSM: Issues and ControversiesAugust 17, 2011
Valuing Our Stories: Growing Up as Minor-Attracted PersonsNovember 19, 2010
The Power of Conversation: Together at One TableNovember 6, 2009
Conceiving Hope: Goals, Assumptions, and Methods in Therapy with Minor-Attracted PersonsApril 30, 2009
How Do We Talk About It? Developing a Language for Discussing Attraction to MinorsNovember 13, 2008
Beyond Fear and Mistrust: Toward Open Communication between Mental Health Professionals and Minor-Attracted PeopleMarch 20, 2008