Final Call for Participation: 3 Studies on MAPs and their Friends/Families

Participation is closing soon for three research studies which B4U-ACT is supporting, conducted by researchers at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. All can be completed anonymously, and will help broaden professional understanding of people who are attracted to children.

Those who are eligible to participate and have not yet done so are encouraged to consider taking part. Links for more information and to participate are below:

MAPs’ Perceptions and Experiences of Interpersonal Relationships

Open to minor-attracted people who are 18 or older, this 15-20 minute survey aims to improve professionals’ understanding of minor-attracted people’s experiences in their relationships with friends, family members, and partners.

Anonymous survey for friends, family members, and partners of MAPs

Open to friends and family members of minor-attracted people, this 10-15 minute survey aims to explore the experiences of people in MAPs’ lives to whom they have disclosed about their attraction.

Investigating parenting-related characteristics of people both with and without sexual attractions to children

Open to MAPs who are also parents (biological, step, adoptive, or otherwise), this two part study aims to explore the perspectives and lived experiences related to parenting in people who are attracted to children.

To learn more about B4U-ACT’s support for researchers studying minor-attracted people, our guidelines for the studies we support, and how we collaborate, check out our Research Ethos.