Subjects Needed

Subjects Needed for Cornell University Study

Brian Cash, a PhD student in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, is working with Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams to study sexual and romantic development, specifically among minor-attracted persons. He is interested in areas such as self-identification, disclosures, and sexual and romantic preferences. His goal is to bring a…...

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Last Chance to Participate in Mount Sinai Beth Israel Study

The Mount Sinai Beth Israel/B4U-ACT study of MAPs in the general population will conclude at the end of April, so MAPs who want to participate should do so as soon as possible. The anonymous survey asks questions about sexuality, experiences as an MAP, and emotional and psychological traits. We realize…...

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Subjects Needed for Northwestern University Study

Researchers at Northwestern University, Department of Psychology, are conducting an anonymous survey of men attracted to persons below age 15. The purpose is further exploration of aspects of MAPs’ sexuality and personality that have not been studied well previously, such as attraction to adults and more unusual sexual interests. The…...

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