MAPs Wanted for Study on Therapeutic Experiences

Seeking Individuals to Participate in a Study about the Therapeutic Experiences of Minor Attracted Persons

Nicole Jordan, a Master of Social Work student at the University of Southern Maine, is conducting a study to explore the therapeutic experiences of MAPs. The goal of this study is to contribute to improved therapeutic services for MAPs by understanding the opinions and experiences of individuals receiving therapy related to minor attraction.

In order to participate in research, you must meet the following requirements

  • – 18 years of age or older
  • – Self-identify as minor attracted
  • – Currently in therapy for reasons related to minor attraction OR have  participated in therapy for reasons related to minor attraction in the past
  • – Reside in the United States
  • – Speak/read English fluently

Participation is completely voluntary and will not impact your relationship with B4U-ACT. Participants will complete a 45-60 minute interview via Zoom, Jitsi, or phone about their experiences in therapy. Participants will be asked open-ended questions about topics such as their relationship with their therapist, if they felt their needs were being met in therapy, their therapist’s knowledge base of working with a MAP, if therapeutic services were centered around their own goals, and their overall impression of the therapeutic process. Participants will be welcome to skip any questions they do not feel comfortable answering.

No identifying information will be collected to promote participant anonymity. With any questions or if you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Nicole Jordan at nicole.jordan@maine.edu using an email that does not contain identifying information.