MAPs Wanted for Survey on Experiences for Pilot Therapy Service

Update 9/8/2022: The survey will be closing soon. Family members and close friends of minor-attracted people who have not yet participated are encouraged to do so now!
Original Post, 6/18/2022:

Researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, are conducting a survey regarding the lived experiences of people who are sexually attracted to children. The survey results will be used in order to develop online resources for a pilot therapy service for self-referred individuals in New Zealand who are seeking support for issues related to their attractions.

Interested MAPs can click the following link to participate:

Additionally, the researchers are conducting a second survey for people who provide direct support for an individual who is sexually attracted to children. The results will be used for the same purpose. The link to this second survey is below:

The following information sheet was provided by the researchers. Click anywhere in the document to open it in a new tab.