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Request for MAPs to Participate in Study about Attraction

B4U-ACT regularly collaborates with and advertises studies we feel will contribute to professional understanding of MAPs and/or to MAPs’ well-being. If you are an MAP and you’d like to contribute to such professional understanding, please consider participating in the online study described below, being conducted by a master’s student from Vrije University in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), in cooperation with the University of Ottawa and the Royal Mental Hospital (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada):

We are looking for adult men or women (18 or older) who are attracted to children (14 or younger) to complete a secure, anonymous online survey. The survey has two parts:

Survey 1 asks questions about experiences of sexual and romantic attraction to children (and adults, if relevant).

Survey 2 is about the physical and psychological characteristics that are attractive about children (and adults, if relevant).

Each survey takes about 10-15 minutes. The study is completely anonymous. After each first study, you will be asked if you would like to participate in the other study. This is totally voluntary.

To enter Study 1 about attraction to children (and adults), please go to the following link:

To enter Study 2 about features that are attractive about children (and adults), please go to the following link:

Questions about this survey? Please contact Frederica Martijn:,, with the following fingerprint for encrypted email: 0D00 3188 5DCF 8517 C713 8309 1657 E1C9 D636 3BBD, or via ricochet:f6ujp32kogteny2d.

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