MAPs Wanted for Study on Identity

B4U-ACT is collaborating with Mary Morris, a student researcher at Adler University, to support a study on the development and understanding of sexual identities of minor-attracted people. English-speaking minor-attracted people are invited to participate in an audio-only interview on this topic.
Potential participants are asked to contact the researcher at the following email address:
The following is a message from the researcher with more information about the study:

My name as Mary Morris and I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Adler University, in Vancouver, Canada. As part of my degree, I am studying the way that minor-attracted persons develop and understand their sexual identity. I am also looking at the emotional side of that, especially emotions like shame, guilt, and pride. I hope that my research will help mental health professionals support MAPs better. My research is supervised by Dr. Michael Sheppard.

I am looking for participants for this study.

You are able to participate in the study if:

  • You are 19 or older
  • • You experience sexual and/or romantic attraction to minors (minors are children who haven’t gone through puberty, or teens who are going through puberty)
  • • You are comfortable speaking and reading English
  • • You want to talk about your sexual identity, how you feel about it now, and how you have felt about it in the past
  • • You have two hours to talk to me about your experiences
  • • You are comfortable using Zoom (it will be audio-only)

You should not participate in this study if:

  • • You know the student researcher
  • • You currently experience severe distress related to your minor attraction and think that talking to me would make it worse (e.g., talking about minor attraction with me would move you from a 6/10 level of distress to an 8/10 level of distress).

Mary Morris
Student Researcher, Doctor of Clinical Psychology Program
Adler University (Vancouver Campus)
Email : identitystudy@protonmail.com  

Further information and email links are available in the poster below: (Click to view as pdf)