Seeking MAPs for Interview Study

Seeking People Interested in Being a Part of a Study about the Therapy-Seeking Behavior of Men Attracted to Minors

UPDATE: Participants may now be interviewed by email rather than voice chat if they prefer.

Male MAPs are invited to participate in a research study about understanding the help-seeking behaviors of men who are sexually attracted to minors. The study is also intended to help identify how mental health services can be made more available to those who are attracted to minors. My name is Heather Cacciatori, and I am a doctoral student of Psychology at Walden University. I am conducting this study for my PhD dissertation. The intent behind this study is to gain an understanding of the professional help-seeking behaviors of people who are sexually attracted to minors. The study will also help provide an understanding of how the decision to seek help or not has impacted your well-being. Your shared experiences will help me understand how you think about therapy, as well as how you believe you will be perceived by mental health professionals. Your experiences will be able to provide an understanding into how mental health professionals can make therapeutic services more readily available to those who are attracted to minors. Upon completion of the study, a one to two page summary of the results will be sent to the parties involved via email.

For those interested in participating, the interviews will be conducted by email or by using free internet-based software, such as Skype. If conducted by Skype, the audio will be recorded, but no video, if used, will be recorded or saved in any way. The interviews will take no more than an hour. Your identity will be protected so any data collected and reported will be anonymous.

Please email me at heather.cacciatori@waldenu.edu for more information.

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you can answer YES to all of these questions:
– I am a male who is 18 years or older.
– I am attracted to minors aged 17 or younger.
– I have never sexually offended against a minor or child
– I have never used pornography that involved children.
– I have no intentions to ever offend against a minor or child
– I intend to never use pornography that involves children.

All selected participants must be 18 or over and meet the above criteria. If you would like to participate in this study, please email me at heather.cacciatori@waldenu.edu to express your interest. When I receive your email, I will send you more detailed information on the study along with a consent form that will require your signature. Once the consent form is received, we will set up the interview.