Announcing the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review (B4QR)

This week, we were pleased to announce the first issue of the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review (B4QR), which is available here.

Four times per year, B4QR will publish short critical summaries of new research concerning minor-attracted people. The first issue covers eight studies published between October and December 2020, on topics ranging from the categorization of mental disorders, to the current state of research on child-like sex dolls, and much more.

We’d like to extend special thanks to our committee members for this inaugural issue, Kailey Roche, Maria Sklavou and Max Geradt, as well as to Maggie Ingram for agreeing to be the first honored young scholar for the “Meet the New Generation” section of the journal.

Further issues and updates about B4QR will continue to be available on this site.

We hope you enjoy, and find the journal informative and helpful!