MAPs Wanted for Study on Sexual Attractions over Time

B4U-ACT is supporting a new study led by Lucas Walters, a PhD student at the University of Ottawa, as part of his doctoral research on sexual attractions. This study aims to understand how sexual attraction may change over time, and with life events.

The study is a three part longitudinal study. Participating involves taking a 15-minute survey, followed by additional 15-minute surveys 6 and 12 months later. The researchers will send the second and third survey links to an email address provided by the participant, which can be accessed for 48 hours after receiving the reminder email. Data from survey responses will be stored securely, and will not be associated with the email address provided. It is also possible to use an anonymous email address from a secure provider (such as Proton Mail or Skiff).

Eligible participants are age 16 or over (18 or over if living in Quebec, Canada), and proficient in English. People who fit this description are invited to participate using the link below:

The following flyer was also provided by the researchers. The study can be accessed via the QR code in the flyer, as well as by the link above.