Subjects Needed for Cornell University Study

Brian Cash, a PhD student in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, is working with Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams to study sexual and romantic development, specifically among minor-attracted persons. He is interested in areas such as self-identification, disclosures, and sexual and romantic preferences. His goal is to bring a perspective to the study of minor-attracted persons that highlights and respects their lives and experiences. As most research to-date has been done with individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system, his focus is on a broader and more representative population.

His hope is to be able to use the data from this survey to publish papers that provide an alternative perspective to the clinical (e.g. brain differences) and forensic (e.g. risk assessment) work that seems to dominate this topic currently. He wants to shed light on the personal side of the attraction to children and adolescents, emphasizing how individuals with these attractions experience and evaluate their own sexuality.

The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes.

(The survey is now closed, so the link has been removed.)