MAPs Wanted for Study on Relationship to Erotic Materials

Update October 20, 2021: Data collection for this study has ended, and the link has been deactivated. Thank you to all who participated.

B4U-ACT is collaborating with researchers from the University of Surabaya to support research on how MAPs relate to online pornographic or erotic material featuring “lolicon” and/or “shotacon.”
People over 18 years of age who identify as primarily attracted to persons below 18 years of age are invited to participate by completing this six-question survey.
The following additional information was provided by the researchers:

Participants needed for a completely anonymous survey, hosted with SoSci Survey and consisting of 6 open-ended questions. If you are over 18 years of age and find yourself preferentially attracted (emotionally / romantically / sexually) to people below 18, we need your help! There has been much media speculation about online pornographic / erotic hentai material featuring “lolicon” and “shotacon,” and how MAPs relate to such material. And yet, to our knowledge, no English-language research has asked MAPs to reflect, in their own words, on their relationship, thoughts, feelings, and experiences regarding such material. We hope to change that.  

 We want to make it clear that MAPs who know pornography featuring lolicon and shotacon exists but have never engaged with such material are eligible to participate. Whilst we are particularly interested in hearing from those with a pedophilic / paedophilic age of attraction, this survey is open to all MAPs. To find out how we ensure your safety and security, as well as other details of this project, please read our introduction by following the survey link below: https://www.soscisurvey.de/276391/

Ethics approval has been obtained by Teguh Wijaya Mulya, faculty of Psychology at the University of Surabaya, Indonesia. Ethics approval number: 167/KE/VI/2021

 If you have any questions or concerns specifically about this research, please contact Steven Dibben at dibbenscholarship@protonmail.com.