MAPs Wanted for Study on Experiences of Stigma

Update July 18, 2021: Data collection for this study has ended, and the link has been deactivated. Thank you to all who participated.

Minor-attracted people are being invited to participate in a study by Marta Zeloni, a masters student in the International Master’s in Advanced Research in Criminology (IMARC) program. The study is titled “Behind the stigma of paedophilia – The experiences of minor-attracted persons following public stigma due to their sexual attraction.”

A link to learn more and participate in the study is below.
The following description was provided by the researcher:

The University of Kent and Ghent University, Belgium, are currently conducting research through an anonymous online survey. The research aims to understand more about the views, feelings, emotions, mental health and experiences of people who are sexually attracted to children and who have faced social stigma due to their sexual attraction.

Please click here if you would like more information or to take part. If you have any questions or concerns specifically about this research, please contact Marta Zeloni.”