Research Results: “Better Therapy for People who are attracted to Children”

What labels do people attracted to children prefer when describing themselves, or when described by others? Do therapy outcomes improve when they disclose their attraction? How does stigma effect these outcomes, and people’s willingness to reach out?

A multinational research team led by Dr. Sara Jahnke of the University of Bergen is bringing researchers a better understanding of these issues.

In 2021, B4U-ACT helped publicize and recruit participants for a study titled “Better Therapy for People who are attracted to Children.” Now, after publishing two papers in major journals based on the data (with a third submitted for publication), the researchers have now released a “Study Report for Participants” describing the results.

Among the results, the researchers found that revealing a sexual attraction to children to a therapist is only linked to better outcomes if the therapist reacts in a supportive way. Participants also expressed overall acceptance for a wide range of labels for themselves, with “minor-attracted person” being rated most positively and “person with pedophilia/hebephilia” and “pedophilic/hebephilic person” being rated least positively of the options given.

The full report for participants from the researchers is below.

Additionally, you can find a full review of the the researchers’ more detailed first publication from the survey in the Winter 2023 edition of B4QR, B4U-ACT’s research review publication. The full text of the second publication is also available here as an author accepted manuscript.