Paul Christiano, administrative assistant and board member for B4U-ACT, has died

Paul Christiano has for many years been a tireless volunteer and board member for B4U-ACT. It is with great sadness that we have to share that sometime this past weekend Paul took his own life. He was a very hard working, intelligent and articulate man who helped B4U-ACT tremendously; a talented and creative artist and dancer from Chicago; and loved by his family and friends. Here is a link to Paul’s obituary. [Edit: Here is a better link to a tribute/memorial statement about Paul.]

We know that recently Paul had been facing complicated legal troubles surrounding housing and registration due to a child pornography conviction from all the way back in 2000. These issues he was facing involved technical matters surrounding residency restrictions, but the consequences for not adhering to them to the letter were actually quite severe, and he was likely facing years in prison. Among all the restrictions and mistreatment he experienced in life, he found great meaning in his dedication to both his artistic pursuits and his work with B4U-ACT. Sadly, it seems that he couldn’t face the loss of being unable to pursue these passions during an unknown number of years in prison — two of the main things that gave his life hope, purpose, and meaning.

This may be very hard news for everyone who knew or communicated with him as well as for any MAP who may be facing similar absurd housing restrictions that have such a drastic negative impact on one’s life. In addition, everyone in this society, minor attracted or not, should be upset about this, and re-evaluate much of what they say and do surrounding the issues of prejudice and suicide. I hope everyone will take the time to remember Paul and also to support anyone who is pained by this tragedy.

The minor-attracted community has suffered a great loss, but Paul’s family continues to support B4U-ACT and feels that our work is just as important as ever so that one day other minor-attracted people will never face such difficult challenges and decisions or feel the need to make the choice Paul did. His work with us to fight the stigma experienced by MAPs and improve the treatment of MAPs will continue; please donate to B4U-ACT in his memory to help continue this work, if you are so inclined.

We’ll miss you, Paul.

His short film about his life, “Unspeakable”: https://vimeo.com/34172745
His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/OlympicAesthete


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    Vernon Hedge says

    I haven’t checked in with site in a good while, I was visiting to check out some sources for a friend who has become somewhat hostile in his ideas about MAP issues. I read the article here and I, as a non-MAP, just wanted to give you all my commiserations. It looks like we have all lost a very good person. Take care

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      Richard Crisci says

      Thanks, Vernon, for your sympathies which I share. Paul really was a great and talented guy whom those of us who knew him will miss a lot. Not only that, but it makes me angry that he felt he had no other choice because he was looking at hard prison time for giving his wrong address when residency restrictions make it almost impossible for one to find anywhere to live.

      If you read other tributes to him, you will see he was really well loved even by many who knew of his orientation (which, btw, he never acted upon). Yes, we lose a very good one. I’m still feeling it. It is very sad.

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