MAPs Wanted for Study on Nature and Correlates of Romantic Attraction

Update 5/27/2023: Minor-attracted people are still needed for this survey. If you meet the eligibility requirements, please consider participating!

Original Post, 3/4/2023:

B4U-ACT is supporting a new study conducted by Julia Levitan, a PhD candidate at McGill
University (Montreal, QC). The study aims to investigate the nature and correlates of
romantic attraction to persons across physical maturity stages, ranging from infants to the
elderly. You are eligible to participate in this study if you are at least 18 years old,
understand English, and are sexually and/or romantically attracted to prepubescent
and/or pubescent children.

Participation involves answering a variety of closed-response (e.g., multiple-choice)
questions about your experiences of sexual and romantic attraction to persons across
age/maturity stages, your personality, mental health and wellbeing, and your interactions
with children (including convictions or arrests for child sexual offenses). 

Interested potential participants may click the following link to participate or learn more:

For additional information, see the following information sheet and consent form provided by the researcher.