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Pedophilia, Minor-Attracted Persons, and the DSM: Issues and Controversies

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Baltimore, MD

This page provides a selection of references that may be helpful to people who want to delve deeper into the issues and controversies of minor-attracted persons, pedophilia, and the DSM.

Current Editions

“Pedophilia”, Section 302.2, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, American Psychiatric Association, 2000 (Fourth Edition, Text Revision) (DSM IV-TR)

“Paedophilia”, Section F65.4, International Classification of Diseases, World Health Organization (10th Revision) (ICD-10)

Revision Underway by the APA

DSM-5: The Future of Psychiatric Diagnosis, American Psychiatric Association

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While critics of the proposals abound, there have been fewer peer-reviewed papers supporting the proposed changes that were not written by members of the Paraphilias Subworkgroup themselves or by APA officials. We ask that anyone who knows of such a paper, please advise us so it can be listed here.

Seto, Michael C., “Child Pornography Use and Internet Solicitation in the Diagnosis of Pedophilia,” Archives of Sexual Behavior, V 39, #3, 591-593, February 25, 2010

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DSM-5 Officials Hold Conference Call with B4U-ACT, B4U-ACT news release, June 12, 2010

B4U-ACT Representatives Attend APA Annual Meeting, B4U-ACT news release, May 27, 2010

B4U-ACT Urges DSM-V Paraphilias Subworkgroup to Participate in Meeting, B4U-ACT news release, March 1, 2010

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Background on the series leading up to the DSM-5:
“The Dictionary of Disorder” by Alix Spiegel, New Yorker, January 3, 2005

The following are collections of references relevant to the DSM-5 proposals for the paraphilias.

Cantor, James M.:

Franklin, Karen, Hebephilia controversy

Hinderliter, Andrew C., DSM-5 Paraphilias Bibliography