As a widely marginalized group, minor-attracted people suffer from a number of mental health issues. MAPs variously report feelings of loneliness, isolation, and fear of discovery due to the secrecy their attraction necessitates (Cacciatori, 2017; Goode, 2010; Freimond, 2009; Cash, 2016; Vogt, 2006). They hesitate to approach medical professionals due to fears of being outed, misunderstood, or mistreated (B4U-ACT, 2011a; B4U-ACT, 2011b). In fact, offending MAPs are more likely to enter therapy than non-offending MAPs (Cohen, Ndukwe, Yaseen, & Galynker, 2018), possibly because treatment for these individuals is often court-mandated.

The consequences of this are grave. Many MAPs experience suicidal ideation or attempt to commit suicide, especially at lower ages (B4U-ACT, 2011b; Cacciatori, 2017; Vogt, 2006). In one study, one in four pedophiles had experienced some form of suicidal ideation (Vogt, 2006). Suicide rates of publicly outed pedophilic sex offenders are 183 times higher than for members of the general population (Walter & Pridmore, 2012).

Stigma-related stress can lead to mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, or emotional problems such as poor emotional regulation; social withdrawal and avoidance; lower self-efficacy related to controlling one’s urges; and a refusal to attend therapy even when needed (Jahnke, Smith, Geradt, & Hoyer, 2015; Cacciatori, 2017). Evidence suggests that MAPs experience greater stress from their symptoms than the average person with the same issues would (Vogt, 2006), making them an extremely vulnerable population.

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