One’s attraction to minors is often an important part of an MAP’s identity, in some cases being the most important aspect of their sexual identity (Cash, 2016; Pedersen, 2017). For some, it is divorced from any traditional understanding of sexual orientation or attraction (Walton & Duff, 2017), and suppressing or being unable to divulge it can lead to feelings of loneliness or social isolation (Cacciatori, 2017; Goode, 2010; Freimond, 2009; Cash, 2016). With no guarantee that coming out in real life will be anything but disastrous, many MAPs take to the internet instead, where they can connect with like-minded others (Durkin, 1997; Goode, 2010). Pedophiles use various platforms, be they social media or dedicated forums, in order to provide support and reassurance to one another, creating a sense of solidarity and a refuge from mainstream society where they feel reviled (Goode, 2010; O’Halloran & Quayle, 2010; Holt, Blevins, & Burkert, 2010), as well as to receive and provide support where they may otherwise never get it (Freimond, 2009). These communities and subcultures may become part of a person’s MAP identity, too.

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