B4U-ACT is collecting stories of scholars and helping professionals who have been censured for, or otherwise discouraged from, acting or speaking in defense of the humanity, dignity, or civil/human rights of minor-attracted persons (MAPs). If you have had a relevant experience or have felt that the current academic/professional environment has a chilling effect on your ability to act ethically or to speak up on this topic, we would like to hear about it. Your story can be as anonymous or public as you like.

Please share this form with other professionals you feel might be able to assist in this endeavor.

How your story may be used: Your story may be used to inform professionals, scholars, and administrators in the mental/behavioral health systems and academia of the injustices faced by scholars and helping professionals when working with or speaking about MAPs. This may be done by including your story along with those of others on our website, in documents or books disseminated by B4U-ACT to relevant individuals and organizations, in studies published in professional journals, and by other means.

Potential risks of participation: Recalling your experiences may provoke uncomfortable feelings and sensations or emotional distress. Also, since your story will be available publicly, if you include identifying information, you could face retaliation.

Potential benefits of participation: Reading your story may help professionals, scholars, and administrators better understand violations of rights experienced by scholars and helping professionals when working with or speaking about MAPs, and lead to a reduction of such violations.

Submission method: To submit your story, please complete the form below.

If you need help dealing with feelings related to the experiences you have submitted, contact us.