• Apr2021

    Spring 2021 Newsletter

    April 10, 2021

    Read about how our therapist referral program has been affected by COVID-19, what it takes to be a mental health provider for MAPs, and recent news from our organization!

  • B4U-ACT is collaborating with Mary Morris, a student researcher at Adler University, to support a study on the development and understanding of sexual identities of minor-attracted people. English-speaking minor-attracted people are invited to participate in an audio-only interview on this topic.

  • Mar2021

    People identifying as MAPs are being asked to participate in research being conducted by Dr. Rebecca Lievesley and Dr. Craig Harper at Nottingham Trent University, with consultation from B4U-ACT.

  • B4U-ACT is collaborating with researchers at the University of Houston-Victoria to support a study on experiences of accessing professional support among MAPs. Minor-attracted people who have never engaged in illegal sexual activities involving minors are invited to participate via an anonymous audio-only interview.

  • Feb2021

    B4U-ACT is collaborating with researchers investigating social support in online forums for minor-attracted people. If you are a MAP who meets the study requirements, please consider participating.

  • Jan2021

    This week, we were pleased to announce the B4U-ACT Quarterly Review (B4QR). Four times per year, B4QR will publish short critical summaries of new research concerning minor-attracted people.

  • B4U-ACT is collaborating with a psychology research team from Finland, Canada, and the UK. The survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. Here is additional information from the research team. Aim of the study: This survey examines therapy-related attitudes, thoughts, and experiences among men and women who are sexually attracted

  • Dec2020

    For some time now, we have had on our website a (non-comprehensive) summary of research concerning MAPs. The summary is divided into key topics, and each topic comes with a list of relevant publications. In its current form, however, the summary cannot easily be accessed in its entirety. One needs

  • Nov2020

    A minor technical problem made the HTTPS version of our website inaccessible for a few days, which is why you may have received a warning message when trying to access our website. Please know that the problem has been fixed and should not happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • If you are considering joining our list of therapists and would like to learn more about our referral program, the following podcast should interest you. As part of his “A MAPs Journey” podcast series, Elliott MAP interviews Michael from B4U-ACT. They discuss everything you might want to know about our