MAPs Wanted for Survey

MAPs are invited to take part in an online research study which consists of answering an anonymous survey. This study, which is part of a doctoral dissertation, is being conducted by Marc-André Goudreault, postgraduate student in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Montréal. The researchers are interested in examining the psychological and physiological traits of adult males (18 years old and older) depending on their sexual orientation.

As researchers, they acknowledge the necessity of studying MAPs from the community in order to gain accurate results. By gaining accurate results, they then hope to develop a better and more accurate understanding of MAPs.

If you are an adult male and you agree to participate in this study, you will complete a questionnaire evaluating sexual orientation as well as psychological and physiological traits. You will not be asked questions regarding your sexual fantasies or sexual behaviors specifically. This survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Once the study is completed, the researchers will send a summary of their results and conclusions to B4U-ACT to be made publicly available. This should occur by the end of September 2017.

Click here to participate.

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MAPs Needed for Interview Study

Allyson Franklin, a doctoral student at John Jay College in New York City, is conducting a study investigating issues related to mental health, stigma, abstinence, and resilience among minor-attracted individuals who have abstained from sexual contact with minors since adulthood. The goal is to understand the opinions and experiences of minor-attracted people directly through interviews. Participants will be interviewed up to three times for 60-90 minutes each, and interviews can be conducted in person, over Skype, over the phone, or through web chat; whichever format is most comfortable for the participant. No identifying information will be requested. If you are interested in participating, click here for more information about the study and how to contact the researcher.



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B4U-ACT Mourns Loss of Board Member Denise Sawyer

It is with great sadness that B4U-ACT announces the death of Denise Sawyer, member of the Board of Directors, on January 5, 2016, due to complications from her fight against cancer. Denise had served on the board since the organization’s founding in 2003, and in 2011 she became actively involved in the planning of B4U-ACT’s workshops. She played a significant role in helping to shape both the organization and its events for clinicians, and was greatly appreciated for her organizational skills and her commitment to B4U-ACT’s mission. She will be greatly missed.

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Subjects Needed for Cornell University Study

Brian Cash, a PhD student in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, is working with Dr. Ritch Savin-Williams to study sexual and romantic development, specifically among minor-attracted persons. He is interested in areas such as self-identification, disclosures, and sexual and romantic preferences. His goal is to bring a perspective to the study of minor-attracted persons that highlights and respects their lives and experiences. As most research to-date has been done with individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system, his focus is on a broader and more representative population.

His hope is to be able to use the data from this survey to publish papers that provide an alternative perspective to the clinical (e.g. brain differences) and forensic (e.g. risk assessment) work that seems to dominate this topic currently. He wants to shed light on the personal side of the attraction to children and adolescents, emphasizing how individuals with these attractions experience and evaluate their own sexuality.

The survey should take no longer than 30 minutes.

(The survey is now closed, so the link has been removed.)

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“Daniel’s World” now available for viewing online

The Czech documentary “Daniel’s World” about the life of a young MAP is now available for streaming (1.99 Euros) and download (3.99 Euros) on this page at Doc Alliance Films. The website describes the film as follows:

Daniel is a young man. Daniel is a student and a writer. Daniel is also a paedophile. He is in love and keeps no secret about his sexual orientation; not even from the parents of his beloved boy. Daniel has never hurt any child. Neither have Jirka Fx100d, Tomáš Efix, Petr Kasz, MR_Xguard, Host, Simigran, Silesia, Elrond or others from the community of Czech pedophiles. What is the way of the most intimate of feelings in Daniel ́s and his friends ́ heart? The film introduces the rises and falls of people living with pedophilia. It portrays Daniel and the community of Czech pedophiles. It narrates a story of a forbidden love and constant struggle to come to terms with oneself and the society.

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German study examines prevalence of attraction to children

A team of researchers have published a study in the August 2015 issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior in which they found that “In an online survey of 8,718 German men, 4.1% reported sexual fantasies involving prepubescent children, 3.2% reported sexual offending against prepubescent children, and 0.1% reported a pedophilic sexual preference.” The study makes a clear distinction between prepubescent children and children who have reached puberty, and does not address the number of people attracted to the latter.

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Salon: I’m a pedophile, you’re the monsters

My pedophilia essay outraged the right. My attempt to humanize a real problem brought out their nastiest rage. I’ve spent days doing radio interviews, even an appearance on TV (HLN’s Dr. Drew on Call), but mainly just answering the hundreds of emails that have poured in. Yes, the vast majority of them have been supportive. While there has been a visible backlash, predominantly from the political right, in private it has been a different story. This piece has generated debate and controversy all over the world, well beyond my wildest imaginings.

See the full article at Salon.

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“Daniel’s World” Comes to the U.S.

The documentary film “Daniel’s World” was shown last week at the Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, TX. Reviewer James Shapiro wrote, “We have grown far more tolerant to those whose sexual identity was until recently thought by many to be deviant behavior. Because of this increased enlightenment, now is the best time to see and be challenged by a film like ‘Daniel’s World.’ Daniel is 25 years old, lives in the Czech Republic, wants to be a writer, has never dated, and is in love with an eight-year old boy.”

See the article at the Fantastic Fest website.

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Salon: I’m a pedophile, but not a monster

I’m attracted to children but unwilling to act on it. Before judging me harshly, would you be willing to listen? Yeah, not many of us are willing to share our story, for good reason.  To confess a sexual attraction to children is to lay claim to the most reviled status on the planet, one that effectively ends any chance you have of living a normal life.

Read the full article at Salon.

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Paul Christiano, administrative assistant and board member for B4U-ACT, has died

Paul Christiano has for many years been a tireless volunteer and board member for B4U-ACT. It is with great sadness that we have to share that sometime this past weekend Paul took his own life. He was a very hard working, intelligent and articulate man who helped B4U-ACT tremendously; a talented and creative artist and dancer from Chicago; and loved by his family and friends. Here is a link to Paul’s obituary. [Edit: Here is a better link to a tribute/memorial statement about Paul.]

We know that recently Paul had been facing complicated legal troubles surrounding housing and registration due to a child pornography conviction from all the way back in 2000. These issues he was facing involved technical matters surrounding residency restrictions, but the consequences for not adhering to them to the letter were actually quite severe, and he was likely facing years in prison. Among all the restrictions and mistreatment he experienced in life, he found great meaning in his dedication to both his artistic pursuits and his work with B4U-ACT. Sadly, it seems that he couldn’t face the loss of being unable to pursue these passions during an unknown number of years in prison — two of the main things that gave his life hope, purpose, and meaning.

This may be very hard news for everyone who knew or communicated with him as well as for any MAP who may be facing similar absurd housing restrictions that have such a drastic negative impact on one’s life. In addition, everyone in this society, minor attracted or not, should be upset about this, and re-evaluate much of what they say and do surrounding the issues of prejudice and suicide. I hope everyone will take the time to remember Paul and also to support anyone who is pained by this tragedy.

The minor-attracted community has suffered a great loss, but Paul’s family continues to support B4U-ACT and feels that our work is just as important as ever so that one day other minor-attracted people will never face such difficult challenges and decisions or feel the need to make the choice Paul did. His work with us to fight the stigma experienced by MAPs and improve the treatment of MAPs will continue; please donate to B4U-ACT in his memory to help continue this work, if you are so inclined.

We’ll miss you, Paul.

His short film about his life, “Unspeakable”:
His YouTube channel:

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