Issue 3

Editor-in-Chief: Allen Bishop Editors: Russell Dick, Maggie Ingram, Richard Kramer, Aiden Morris Reviewers: Isaac Aschenbach, Steven Dibben, Maggie Ingram, Sarah Moss, Gary Parmlee, Maria Sklavou, Kailey Roche, Joseph Thomas, Evelyn Thorne Honored Young Scholar: Amy Lawrence Issue References Bonagura, A., Abrams, D., & Teller, J. (2022) “Diagnostic Differential Between Pedophilic-OCD and Pedophilic Disorder: An Illustration with Two Vignettes”, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 51, 2359-2368, DOI: Jackson, T., Ahuja, K. & Tenbergen, G. (2022) “Challenges and Solutions to Implementing a Community-Based Wellness Program for Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons”, Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 31:3, 316-332, DOI: Jahnke S., Schmidt, A.F., Hoyer, J. (2022) “Pedohebephilia and Perceived Non-coercive Childhood Sexual Experiences: Two Non-matched Case-Control Studies”, Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, DOI: Jimenez-Arista, L.E. and Reid, D.B. (2022) “Realization, Self-View, and Disclosure of Pedophilia: A Content Analysis of Online Posts”, Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, DOI: Joyal, C.C. (2022) “The neuroanatomical bases of pedophilia and the importance of distinguishing genuine vs. acquired types: A systematic review”, Sexual Offending: Theory, Research, Prevention. DOI: Pham, A. T., Nunes, K. L., Maimone, S., & Jung, S. (2022) “Childhood sexual victimization, pedophilic interest, and antisocial orientation”, Sexual Offending: Theory, Research, and Prevention.