Issue 3

Editor-in-Chief: Allen Bishop Reviewers: Maggie Ingram, Richard Kramer, Amy Lawrence, Sarah Moss, Anselm Neumann, Gary Parmlee, Kailey Roche, Maria Sklavou, Skye Stephens, Jasmin Stevenson Honored Young Scholar: Maria Sklavou Issue References Bayram, G., Parks, A., Juth, N., Rahm, C. (2021) “Health care professionals’ view on pedophilic disorder: a qualitative study”, Sexual and Relationship Therapy: Elchuk, D. L., McPhail, I. V., & Olver, M. E. (2021) “Stigma-Related Stress, Complex Correlates of Disclosure, Mental Health, and Loneliness in Minor Attracted People”, Stigma and Health. Advance online publication: Harper, C., Lievesley, R., Blagden N., Hocken, K.  (2021) “Humanizing pedophilia as stigma reduction: A large-scale intervention study”, Archives of Sexual Behavior. Ó Ciardha, C., Ildeniz, G., Karoğlu, N. (2021) “The prevalence of sexual interest in children and sexually harmful behavior self-reported by males recruited through an online crowdsourcing platform”, Sex Abuse: Pedneault, C. I., Hilgard, J., Pettersen, C., Hermann, C. A., White, K., & Nunes, K. L. (2021) “How well do indirect measures assess sexual interest in children? A meta-analysis.”, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology: Stephens, S., McPhail, I. V., Heasman, A., & Moss, S. (2021) “Mandatory Reporting and Clinician Decision-Making When a Client Discloses Sexual Interest in Children”, Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science / Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement: Wurtele, S. K. (2021) “’They’re Not Monsters!’ Changing University Students’ Perceptions of Child Sex Offenders through Education and Contact”, Journal of Criminal Justice Education: