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You Can Make a Difference

Your professional skills can help improve the lives of minor-attracted people everywhere.

Do you have any of the skills listed below? If so, you can make a valuable contribution to improving the lives of minor-attracted people (MAPs) and the mental health care received by those who seek it. B4U-ACT is a successful, effective organization dedicated to gaining the compassion and respect minor-attracted people deserve from the mental health community and society at large. We achieve this goal with workshops that bring together minor-attracted people, mental health professionals, researchers, and social scientists to facilitate a productive dialog and greater understanding of minor-attracted adults and adolescents. In addition, we maintain on-going communication with mental health professionals, researchers, and journalists to help promote objective scientific research and the dissemination of accurate information about the attraction to children and/or young adolescents.
Your help in the following areas will make a significant contribution to continuing this important work.
MAP Relations: We need people who are well-known and respected in a large part of the MAP community, and are able to keep them informed of B4U-ACT's activities and build their trust and support for the organization. Especially needed is a BL Relations Director (preferably with a respectable presence on more than one board) to comment, monitor content, and maintain B4U-ACT’s presence in the online BL community.

Science Assistant: We seek somebody with a social sciences background and good library access to join the science team. His/her primary role would be to become familiar with the research on minor-attraction in order to help compile resources such as:
  1. A bibliography of research on non-forensic, non-clinical samples.
  2. A list of topics to suggest to interested parties regarding what to research, including topics B4U-ACT would like researched, as well as a delineation of characteristics found in forensic and clinical populations researchers might try to replicate in non-forensic, non-clinical samples.

Editing/Writing: We need people who have the writing and editorial skills to develop and edit material for the B4U-ACT website as well as press releases, op-ed pieces, white papers on MAP and mental health related issues, and articles for a print publication. There are also a number of recent historical topics that B4U-ACT would like featured in academic publications in an effort to circulate more accurate information about MAPs.

Web design: We're looking for people with the experience and knowledge to create an appealing, professional, and user-friendly look for B4U-ACT's website.

Consider this if you have the technical knowledge to help maintain our official website, forums, and file-sharing capabilities.

Public Relations: We're seeking an experienced professional who can assist in the communications efforts of the entire organization, including developing and executing strategies for communicating with mental health organizations, MAP groups, media, and other key constituencies. You understand how to employ all media to achieve the goals of B4U-ACT.

MHP Relations: This may be the job for you if you are a mental health professional (MHP) with a commitment to improving the availability of quality services to MAPs, whether you are an MAP yourself
or not, and you would like to work with other professionals towards achieving this goal.

Fundraising: We can use people who have the creativity and energy to put into formulating new projects that will bring in funds to assist us in furthering our goals and getting out our message.

Legal: We're seeking someone with a professional level of knowledge and experience in areas of the law that are relevant to the concerns of non-profit organizations and the situation of minor-attracted people in American society today (e.g., liability, defamation, equal protection, discrimination, and censorship), and can serve as a consultant on these legal matters.
We are flexible. We understand the need to balance these responsibilities with other commitments, so we do our best to accommodate the time requirements of every volunteer. Even a couple of hours a week of your time can be a tremendous help. We also understand your need for anonymity, so volunteers are welcome to work under pseudonyms.
Contact us at b4uact@b4uact.org or call (443) 244-9920 and let’s discuss how you can make a difference!

Updated February 28, 2013