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Stories of Hope

I have been aware since around the age of thirteen that I have an attraction to younger girls. I’m a science fiction fan and have collected comic books for years. I have a very caring family that I love very much, including extended relatives of mine that I consider good friends.  more>

Being able to connect and talk honestly and openly with non-MAP men about these attractions was life-changing for me and the positive effect on my mental health was huge. Besides work and family, I attend and help run men's weekends, help with some local sustainability initiatives, and enjoy motorcycling, photography and travel.  more>


I'm a minor-attracted person (MAP). I have been an involved parent, had a successful career in high tech, been involved with a liberal religious congregation, and am also an amateur writer.  more>

I eventually had a large group of people that I talked to almost every day. With their help, I began to accept myself and slowly the weight of my minor attraction lifted. Now at 21 years of age, I’m studying hard in college and I’m very excited about meeting new people and making new friends.  more>

Updated July 14, 2012