B4U-ACT collaborates with researchers by contributing to the development of study questionnaires and/or assisting in the recruitment of research subjects. Below is a list of studies in which B4U-ACT has played this role. If you are a researcher interested in the possibility of collaborating with B4U-ACT, click here for more information.

Dates Principle Investigator Institution Purpose of Study Resulting Publications
2016-2017 Mikkel Rask Pedersen Aarhus University, Department of Anthropology, Aarhus, Denmark To gain a better insight into the lived experience of being a minor-attracted person through listening to MAPs’ life stories, and to explore how the discourses in western societies shape, influence and restrict the ways MAPs are expected to act. Forthcoming
2016-2017 Marc-André Goudreault Université de Montréal, Department of Psychology, Montreal, Quebec, Canada To examine the psychological and physiological traits of adult males depending on their sexual orientation. The researchers wish to develop a better and more accurate understanding of MAPs by studying those in the community rather than forensic samples. Forthcoming
2016-2017 Allyson Franklin John Jay College, City University of New York, New York, NY, USA To investigate issues related to mental health, stigma, abstinence, and resilience among minor-attracted individuals. Results from this study are expected to contribute to the development of mental health treatment options for minor-attracted populations, so the goal is to understand the opinions and experiences of minor-attracted people directly. Forthcoming
2015-2016 Brian Cash Cornell University, Department of Human Development, Ithaca, NY, USA To study sexual and romantic development among minor-attracted persons, specifically in areas such as self-identification, disclosures, and sexual and romantic preferences, in a way that highlights and respects MAPs’ lives and experiences. Cash, B.M. (2016). Self-Identifications, Sexual Development, And Wellbeing In Minor-Attracted People: An Exploratory Study. (Master’s Thesis).
2014-2015 Kevin Hsu Northwestern University, Department of Psychology, Evanston, IL, USA Exploration of aspects of MAPs’ sexuality and personality that have not been studied well previously, such as the degree of attraction to adults and more unusual sexual interests. Forthcoming
2014-2015 Philip Tromovitch Science and Engineering Research Institute, Doshisha University, Kyoto City, Japan To collect national data for research in psychology, sexology, and cross-cultural studies for numerous purposes, including but not limited to studying the effects of childhood and early adolescent experiences on adult psychological functioning. If sufficient data is collected, the study will examine whether MAPs differ in personality traits from non-MAPs. Forthcoming
2014-2016 Lisa J. Cohen, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry
Mount Sinai Beth Israel, New York, NY, USA To investigate the psychological features and subjective experience of MAPs who have refrained from sexual activity with underage minors and compare such findings with those of MAPs within the criminal justice system. The goal is to correct for biased information based on individuals in the criminal justice system. Forthcoming
2013-2014 J. Michael Bailey, Professor Northwestern University, Department of Psychology, Evanston, IL, USA To survey pedohebephilic men regarding their sexual interests, their social developmental history, and their history of adjudicated offenses. Bailey, J.M., K.J. Hsu, & P.A. Bernhard (2016). An Internet Study of Men Sexually Attracted to Children: Sexual Attraction Patterns
2012-2013 Carin Freimond, Master’s student Simon Fraser University, Department of Sociology, Burnaby, BC, Canada To investigate how minor-attracted people understand and manage their stigmatized identities Freimond, C. (2013). Navigating the Stigma of Pedophilia: The Experiences of Nine Minor-Attracted Men in Canada. (Master’s Thesis).