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Peer Support

B4U-ACT provides peer support through an email group where MAPs can talk with each other about issues related to their emotional well-being. These issues may include coping with stigma, fear, frustration, or secrecy, finding fulfilling relationships, working with mental health professionals, living within the law, or any other issues that may or may not be related to sexuality.

This email group is private and confidential, and administered via GoogleGroups.
No one has experienced any problems legal, social, or otherwise as a result of joining our groups. However, if privacy concerns are an issue, we recommend all MAPs who write to us or post at the group do so using pseudonyms and e-mail addresses unrelated to their personal lives. If you are interested in subscribing, email OUTREACH@b4uact.org.

If you have any friends or family members who know about your attraction to minors and need help dealing with it, have them consider joining our support group created just for them.

Updated November 16, 2012