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May, 2014 B4U-ACT News Update
Oct, 2013 B4U-ACT News Update
Oct, 2012 B4U-ACT News Update
Sep 9, 2011 B4U-ACT Issues Statement for World Suicide Prevention Day
Aug 17, 2011 B4U-ACT Holds Scientific Symposium on Pedophilia and the DSM
Jul 25, 2011 B4U-ACT Notifies APA of “Inaccurate and Misleading” DSM
May 3, 2011 B4U-ACT Invites APA’s DSM-5 Committee on Paraphilias to its Upcoming Symposium
Apr 25, 2011 B4U-ACT Responds to Pejorative Letter in Harvard Mental Health Letter
Oct 30, 2010 Archives of Sexual Behavior Publishes Letter from B4U-ACT about DSM-5
Jul 20, 2010 B4U-ACT Mourns the Loss of Co-Founder Michael F. Melsheimer
Jun 12, 2010 B4U-ACT Participates in Conference Call with DSM Revision Officials
May 27, 2010 B4U-ACT Representatives Attend APA Annual Meeting
Mar 1, 2010 B4U-ACT Urges DSM-5 Committee on Paraphilias to Participate in Meeting
Dec 5, 2009 B4U-ACT Requests Meeting with APA’s DSM-5 Committee on Paraphilias
Mar 20, 2008 B4U-ACT Holds First Workshop for Mental Health Professionals
Jun 22, 2007 TheTogetherChat Submits Report to BMHS
Nov 21, 2006 TheTogetherChat Begins


Updated August 20, 2011
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