B4U-ACT, Inc. is committed to assuring equal opportunity throughout all of its activities, operations, and administrative practices without discrimination based on race, color, veteran status, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age or handicap.

If anyone believes that he or she has been subject to, or has witnessed, discriminatory behavior in a situation described above, he or she is encouraged to address the situation with the offending person(s). The individual is also encouraged to report the incident to the Director of Operations or the Chairperson of the Board (contact information available here). If the situation of alleged discrimination involved the two individuals above, then any one of the other individuals listed in the website contact information can be notified of the alleged incident. There will then be an assessment of the allegation and a written response to the individual making the allegation.

Russell A. Dick, Chairperson

April 29, 2011